Keep Your Plastic Pallets Clean with These 3 Cleaning Methods

29 December 2018
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Plastic pallets are commonly used for internal warehousing operations. The general practice is that anything that needs to be moved in or around the warehouse is placed on these pallets. Given the frequency with which these material-handling aides come in contact with different products, they'll need to be cleaned properly. If your warehouse processes involve handling food, drugs or other products requiring high sanitary standards for safety purposes, you might want to find out how to keep your plastic pallets clean and hygienic. Read More 

3 Preparatory Steps Ahead Of Metal Door Powder Coating

23 October 2018
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Powder coating is a good way to protect metals from corrosion or rusting, which is important in certain environments subject to extreme conditions. The coating covers the surface and is cured using heat so that it adheres well to the surface. If you run a factory and need to powder coat your metal doors, then you should know the preparatory steps needed ahead of the process. 1. Doors Must Be Safely Removed From Hinges  Read More 

Use salvaged timber to introduce real character to your home

30 April 2018
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Wood is a wonderful material with which to work. It can be used for a lot of purposes including carving furniture items, laying flooring, panelling rooms and a host of other functions around the home. Most people when they want to purchase wood will visit their nearest timber yard or DIY centre but that isn't always the best option. Wood from the DIY shop is good but it can take a lot of work to bring any sort of character to the surface. Read More