3 Preparatory Steps Ahead Of Metal Door Powder Coating

23 October 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Powder coating is a good way to protect metals from corrosion or rusting, which is important in certain environments subject to extreme conditions. The coating covers the surface and is cured using heat so that it adheres well to the surface. If you run a factory and need to powder coat your metal doors, then you should know the preparatory steps needed ahead of the process.

1. Doors Must Be Safely Removed From Hinges 

Powder coating is usually undertaken in a specialised facility with equipment like blast rooms, powder curing ovens and powder spray booths so that your factory remains clean. This means that you will need to ensure that all doors are safely removed from their hinges before being transported to the facility. You can either get the professionals to do this, or you may be able to get someone from your factory to transport the doors to the powder coating facility. 

2. All Rust And Debris Must Be Eliminated From The Surface

If you're looking to achieve good results through powder coating, then the rust, dust, old paint and debris should be removed from the surface. Failure to remove them will cause them to remain on the surface which can hinder the ability of the powder coating to adhere to the door. Depending on the condition of the door, this may need a little extra focus. For example, rust may need to be scraped or blasted off the surface. Blasting basically means that compressed air is used to blow unwanted debris off the surface and may be done at the powder coating facility.  The door will usually need a thorough wipe down once all debris and rust have been eliminated for the best powder coating finish. 

3. Remove Solvents And Oils By Washing 

If your factory uses oils and solvents for any activity, then chances are there are that some of it may have spilled over on to your metal doors. To remove them, metals doors will need to be washed. If the solvents are strong, then a power washer with industrial-grade cleaning solvent may be necessary to clean and prepare the door for powder coating. A thorough wash helps to remove all kinds of oils for better powder adhesion. If the solvents and oils are not too heavy, then a mild wash should be enough to clean the metal door. 

Giving metal doors a powder coat is a good way to keep them protected in your factory. These preparatory steps will help you understand the effort that needs to be undertaken before the actual powder coating process.