Use salvaged timber to introduce real character to your home

30 April 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Wood is a wonderful material with which to work. It can be used for a lot of purposes including carving furniture items, laying flooring, panelling rooms and a host of other functions around the home. Most people when they want to purchase wood will visit their nearest timber yard or DIY centre but that isn't always the best option. Wood from the DIY shop is good but it can take a lot of work to bring any sort of character to the surface.

Enjoy the character of your wood

One of the reasons that wood is so popular is that every piece of wood has a unique character. If you create a new concrete floor it will be solid and level but it will also be very uniform and boring. If you build a wooden floor, every plank is different. The grain of the wood and the colouration produces a character that adds an extra dimension to your creation. The difficulty that many people experience with finding this character in their wood is that it often takes time for the character to be manifest in the surface of the wood. The character is built up through exposure to the weather and use over time so that newly cut pieces of wood don't appear as beautiful as they will after an extended period of use.

The beauty of reclaimed wood

Instead of waiting for years for this natural beauty to manifest in your wood why not use wood which has already aged and had time for the character of the wood to be shown on the surface? When you visit a timber salvage yard, you will find lots of great pieces of wood that you can incorporate into whatever project you are working on. As you walk around the timber salvage yard and look at the recycled bricks and large quantities of timber that are available for sale, you will be able to find the perfect piece of wood to fashion a new table, floor, timber beam or other wooden furniture item for your home.

As you look over each piece of wood, remember to check the dimensions carefully as not all salvaged timber is going to have even measurements and you may need to buy slightly more wood than you need and cut it to shape when you get home. Don't forget you will also need to check your wood for any nails the timber salvage yard has been unable to remove.

By working with salvaged timber you can create beautiful wooden furniture with a unique character for your home.