Keep Your Plastic Pallets Clean with These 3 Cleaning Methods

29 December 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Plastic pallets are commonly used for internal warehousing operations. The general practice is that anything that needs to be moved in or around the warehouse is placed on these pallets. Given the frequency with which these material-handling aides come in contact with different products, they'll need to be cleaned properly.

If your warehouse processes involve handling food, drugs or other products requiring high sanitary standards for safety purposes, you might want to find out how to keep your plastic pallets clean and hygienic.

There are many different ways to clean plastic pallets, but they don't deliver the same cleaning results, of course. Here are three popular cleaning options to consider. 

High-Pressure Washing

One of the most effective ways to clean your pallets is to blast away the dirt with highly pressurised water. This method is faster and more effective than standard cleaning with water from a regular hose. 

If you need to clean a large number of pallets, you should consider investing in an automated pressure washer that can wash multiple units at a go. Before buying pressure washing equipment, you should know that not all equipment is created equal. The pounds per square inch (PSI) and gallons per minute (GPM) of your machine will impact how fast and effectively you can clean. Higher PSIs and GPMs are desirable for optimal cleaning results.

High-Temperature Steaming

Although high-pressure washing is an effective way to remove dirt and grime from your plastic pallets, it may not be effective at killing germs and bacteria. If you want to get rid of accumulated dirt, grime and grease but also disinfect your pallets, steaming them at high temperatures can help achieve ultra-hygienic cleaning results. 

Power Washing 

Some people think that pressure washing and power washing mean the same thing. Although there are striking similarities between the two cleaning methods, they're not equal. Both rely on the blasting power of pressurised water to clean dirty surfaces, but power washing involves using hot water to achieve better, faster cleaning results. This method is particularly effective when you need to clean oil and grime from your pallets.

The best cleaning method for your plastic pallets depends on the type of dirt you want to remove. If you need to remove loose dirt from your pallets, pressure washing can work okay. But if you're dealing with sticky dirt like oil and grime, you may be better off steaming or power washing the pallets.