How are Gas Struts Used in Industrial and Manufacturing Settings?

13 June 2023
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Gas struts, also known as gas springs or gas shocks, play a crucial role in industrial and manufacturing sectors. These mechanical devices utilise compressed gas, typically nitrogen, to provide controlled motion and support in a wide range of applications. This blog explores the functions, applications and benefits of gas struts in these settings.

Lifting and Lowering Heavy Objects

Gas struts assist in lifting and lowering heavy objects commonly found in industrial and manufacturing environments. Whether it's hatches, lids, covers or machinery components, gas struts use compressed gas to exert the necessary force, making these tasks easier and more efficient. By controlling the speed and smoothness of the movement, they ensure safe and reliable operations.

Controlled Motion and Damping

Gas struts are widely used when controlled motion and damping are critical. They are valuable in applications that require smooth and controlled movement. Adjustable workstations, ergonomic chairs, medical devices and automotive components are just a few examples where gas struts are employed to ensure precise positioning and controlled motion. Additionally, they help dampen vibrations, enhancing stability and performance.

Industrial Machinery Applications

Gas struts find extensive applications in industrial machinery. Whether it's assembly line equipment, manufacturing tools or robotic systems, gas struts play a vital role in enhancing functionality and efficiency. They assist in precise positioning, dampening vibrations and even provide support for heavy parts or tooling. The versatility of gas struts makes them indispensable in optimising various industrial processes.

Automotive Sector Use

Gas struts have become commonplace in the automotive industry. They are utilised in a multitude of functions, including opening and closing doors, tailgates, hoods and trunk lids. Gas struts provide the necessary assistance to lift these components, and their design enables them to hold the objects securely in the open or closed position. This feature significantly enhances convenience, safety and user experience in automotive applications.


In summary, gas struts are invaluable devices in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Their ability to provide controlled motion, support heavy loads and enhance safety makes them essential components in various applications. Gas struts offer versatile solutions, from lifting and lowering heavy objects to industrial machinery applications. Furthermore, their widespread use in the automotive industry highlights their significance in enhancing convenience and safety. As industries continue to evolve, gas struts will undoubtedly remain at the forefront, contributing to increased efficiency and improved operations in industrial and manufacturing settings.

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