Do you need to buy a new industrial boiler?

6 August 2021
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Does your company use an industrial boiler? Industrial boilers are widely used in the textile industry, in food production and for power generation. When you want a reliable way of powering your equipment, industrial steam boilers are the obvious choice. Whether you need to replace an existing boiler or you are planning a new installation, knowing about the different types of steam boilers that are available will help you make the right choice for your company. While all industrial boilers will ultimately do the same thing, the way the water is heated and turned into steam can be quite different, depending on the type of boiler you choose.


There are three key factors to consider when selecting industrial boilers. Perhaps, the first factor to address is whether the boiler should be a watertube boiler or a firetube boiler. Every steam boiler contains tubes. In firetube boilers, these tubes are filled with heated gas that will create steam. With watertube boilers, the heated gas is in the shell of the boiler, while the heated water in tubes will create steam. There is no 'best boiler system'. The right solution will depend on how you will be using the boiler. If you want a boiler that is simple and easy to use with low-pressure steam, a firetube boiler may be ideal. If you must have high-pressure steam, a watertube boiler will suit you better, although they are more expensive to install.


Knowing what you will feed your boiler is essential before you make your purchase. Industrial boilers rely on consuming fuel to heat the water and make steam. Some industrial boilers can function well on industrial byproducts such as biomass. However, if you don't have a ready supply of biomass from a nearby sugar refinery or paper mill, you may have to rely on oil or coal supplies or perhaps natural gas. Knowing what fuel you will be using allows you to consider whether you must invest in scrubbers, electrostatic precipitators or other devices that could be specific to your fuel choice.

Combustion method 

Allied to the type of fuel you choose is the technology you will need to burn the fuel. If your industrial boilers are oil burning, you might use thermic heat technology. If your industrial boilers are coal-fired, you could settle on fluidized bed technology that transmits air bubbles through crushed coal. There are plenty of options available. Talk to your supplier to see which industrial boiler would work in your situation.