What are some benefits of using corrugated metal pipe?

15 June 2016
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Many industries make good use of corrugated metal pipes, from construction workers to power plant operators. Metal pipes are often used for drainage in storm sewers, under bridges and underpasses, as temporary pavement, and for conveyor tunnels. Here are some of the top benefits of using corrugated metal pipe for these and other uses.

There Are Many Options

When you use corrugated metal pipe, you have a lot of different varieties to choose from. This makes the material more versatile, working for many different industries and uses. You can choose from a wide range of coatings, depending on if the pipe will be underground or in water. There are varying lengths and thicknesses, along with a multitude of fabricated fitting options. This provides your industry with the flexibility you need to use the pipe for its intended purpose.

The Pipes Are Eco-Friendly

Since these corrugated metal pipes are made of recyclable material, such as steel, they are an eco-friendly option. This is opposed to other types of underground and drainage pipes that might be made with varying chemicals or with some materials that are not biodegradable. Metal can be reused or recycled for a wide range of different uses. You might even be able to find corrugated pipe that is manufactured from previous pipes that were recycled. An added benefit is that you can sometimes get cash for recycling the pipe you no longer have a use for.

The Pipes Are Factory Produced

The way the pipes are manufactured is actually a benefit because it helps with quality control and lower overall costs. These corrugated pipes are typically made with large-scale factories, which means the costs end up being lower to you when buying at retail level. It ensures proper quality of the pipes as well. The way they are produced also ensure the pipes are not affected by environmental influences.

Corrugated Metal Pipe Is Useful With All Types of Soil

These pipes are very versatile in their uses, working for reducing rubble, sand, and cement in varying construction projects. It can also be used in different types of soil for even more versatility, whether using them to strengthen a foundation with soft soil, or using them when collapsible loss is a considerable risk. Whether you have an uneven settlement you need to use the pipes for, or they are being used for major drainage, the multitude of uses becomes a great benefit.

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