Four Issues to Consider When Choosing a Custom Stainless Steel Splashback for Your Kitchen

28 March 2016
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


A stainless steel splashback gives your kitchen a clean and industrial look, and if you work with a steel fabricator, you can have a splashback designed that is perfect for your space. Here are some of the points to keep in mind as you select yours:

1. How large do you want your splashback to be?

Traditionally, a splashback is designed to catch splatters from pans on the stove top, and as a result, many splashbacks are designed to fit in that small space between your stove and your hood fan. However, that is not necessarily the size you need to choose.

Instead, you can opt for a steel splashback that extends horizontally past the edges of your stove, covering the most of the wall between your countertops and cabinets. If you don't have cabinets over your stove, you can extend your splashback to the ceiling. Steel fabricators can cut exactly the size and shape you need.

2. Do you want a smooth or textured splashback?

In addition to size, steel fabricators also have a lot of leeway with the texture of your splashback. You can opt for the smooth and shiny stainless steel typically found in commercial kitchens, or you can have the fabricator press a design into the steel. The pressing could be anything from a faux brick design to ornate scrollwork.

This choice boils down to personal preference, but you may want to take into account other surfaces near your splashback area. For example, if your countertops, cabinets and appliances feature lots of smooth surfaces, let your splashback contrast that with a pressed and textured surface.

3. What finish do you want your splashback to have?

Once you've selected the texture, you need to consider finish. If you love modern styles and lots of reflections, you may want the clean look of a reflective and shiny finish. However, if you are easily distracted by bouncing lights and prefer to have less glare, you may want a matte finish on your steel splashback so it absorbs light.

Alternatively, you can skip the finished stainless steel and opt for a painted surface.

4. Do you prefer prepainted metal?

Finally, if you like, you can opt for prepainted metal. To make prepainted metal, metal fabricators can take galvanised steel and dip it into a coloured coating. You can customise the colours based on the decor of your kitchen, and this creates a unique, colourful look that is a great alternative to regular stainless steel.