How to examine your industrial hose for damage

23 March 2016
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


An industrial hose is an important application in many companies and businesses, but also for personal use in your garage. It can be used for many different purposes from cleaning to transporting dangerous liquids. An important thing to remember is that industrial hoses can be quite dangerous if not maintained properly. Leaks springing in the hose while it's being put under pressure can have truly devastating results, and even more so if the material that is being transported through the hose is hazardous or hot. Examining your industrial hose every now and then can prevent this, and make the life length of your hose even longer. To do this, there are a few things you should think about.  


The material in a hose can become stiff if it's not being cleaned and lubricated enough. Stiff hoses that have hardened in one position can crack when they need to be moved around and bend in different positions. Be aware of this issue and carefully inspect the material before putting it under pressure if you're operating with an old hose, if it's often exposed to sunlight, or if the material has started to peel off it. Try bending it in different positions before putting it under pressure to avoid an accident. If it's making cracking noises or if you see the material cracking, you shouldn't use it anymore.


If you suspect that your hose already has a leak, there are a few signs you can use to tell if that's the case without putting it on and thereby causing a possibly dangerous situation. Inspect how it fits with the pipes and the fittings canning. If the hose seems to have a problem coupling with these items, that might be an indication that it has changed its shape due to a leak. You can also inspect the floor underneath where you store your hose. If there is any leakage, there should be puddles forming underneath the hose of the residue material dripping out when the hose is not being used.   

Changes in colour

If you notice that the colour of your hose is starting to change, this might also be an indication that something is wrong. Often, this is a sign of the hose not being chemically compatible with the material it transports. It can also be caused by the hose being stored where it can be exposed to sunlight. Make sure the hose doesn't have any leaks and that it gets a proper cleaning to get rid of all of the incompatible material from the inside of it. If it looks okay after that, you can still use your hose. For further assistance or replacement, contact a local outlet, such as Hose Mania.