Understanding the Different Kinds of Mailing Tubes and When to Use Them

18 March 2016
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


If you have just started a business venture, sending and receiving mails will be an inherent part of the business. Notably, this will not necessarily involve regular letters that can fit in the normal sized envelopes. You might have to send large documents such as construction plans, long inventories, maps, architectural and structural plans, or promotional calendars you give as incentives to your clients. Rather than folding and squeezing them in an envelope, or putting them in a box where they can't occupy all the space, you can opt for mailing tubes. You roll the documents into the mailing tube, which enables you to send them without folding. This keeps them neat and presentable for the recipient. Here are a few types of mailing tubes that you can choose from:

White Kraft Mailing Tubes 

The white Kraft mailing tubes are ideal when you are dealing with high-end and executive clients. They have a white Kraft paper covering the outer parts of the tube to make them look better and more presentable than the normal, brown mailing tubes. You can also use them when sending special documents to mark a unique event or achievement between you and the client, rather than the regular mailing tubes used in normal transactions. The white Kraft finishing makes them slightly expensive than the brown mailing tubes. 

Brown Mailing Tubes

Some business operations will require you to send information regularly to the client that you are dealing with. For such purposes, you will need a pocket-friendly mailing tube that will still be decent enough for your client. This is where the brown mailing tube comes in handy. Unlike the white Kraft mailing tube, the brown mailing tube maintains the brown colour of the cardboard material used to make it. As much as they may feel lighter than the white Kraft mailing tubes, they stand up well against the external pressure that can cause regular carton to crush. This keeps the contents inside safe from physical damage.

Heavy Duty Mailing Tubes for Shipping

When you need to ship your documents, you need mailing tubes that will stand the handling conditions that materials undergo while being shipped. They will be bundled up with other things being shipped and moved from one place to another when the ship docks in various ports. The heavy duty mailing tubes have thicker walls than those of the brown or white Kraft mailing tubes. These tubes can be made very long according to the custom dimensions that you would like. Lastly, you will also need them when you have too many documents that need to be carried in shipping trailers.