Factors to Remember When Considering a Tipper Hire

14 March 2016
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


A tipper truck, sometimes called a dump truck, has a back end that tips up or sideways in order to unload rock, gravel, soil, sand, and the like. A homeowner might rent a tipper truck when digging for a new pool or landscaping feature, or they may hire it to pick up soil, gravel, and have it delivered to their home. Whatever your needs for a tipper truck, you want to ensure you get the right type when renting. Note a few factors to remember when considering a tipper hire so you know what to consider before arranging the hire. 

1. Dimensions of load

 If you're excavating soil on your property, you may know to consider the weight of the material when choosing a tipper truck, but you also need to consider its dimensions or size. This can be tricky for homeowners, as soil can sometimes expand after being excavated. The dirt or soil on your property is usually compacted, but when it's dug up, air gets into the soil and causes it to expand. The area of dirt you're digging may wind up being that size half over again once it's excavated, if not even larger. A landscaping engineer can tell you if the soil you're digging may expand and if so, by what degree, so you're sure to get a tipper truck that can handle the dimensions of your load.

2. Legal restrictions

You might want a tipper truck with large, heavy tires that have deep treads, which will make it easier to use on soft, muddy soil. However, you may not be able to legally take that type of truck, or a truck of a certain weight, on all public roadways. Those large, deep treads may damage asphalt, so you may be restricted as to the route you can take to and from your property. Ask the tipper hire company if they can advise you on this or call your city clerk's office where permits are issued and ask about any restrictions.

3. Type of load

If you're hauling gravel, sand, or any material that may blow off during transit, you want a tipper hire with a cover. If the load will be very heavy, you might also need a truck with strong hydraulics, as the weight of gravel or rocks can cause a tipper bed to tilt out of place as it's being unloaded. Note the type of load you're transporting when hiring a tipper truck and ask the company for recommendations so you can opt for one that will keep your materials secure.