Residential Security: Choosing a Stainless Steel Mesh Fence

8 March 2016
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The fence is a crucial security measure for your residential property. This structure will outline the boundary and deter unauthorised intruders from accessing your private land. In addition, the fence can act as a barrier against wild animals that could damage items in your home. If you are thinking about installing this structure, consider choosing a stainless steel mesh fence. This type of structure is strong, long-lasting with minimal maintenance and insusceptible to rusting. Here are some aspects to consider when selecting the perfect stainless steel mesh fencing product.

Woven vs. Welded

When buying a steel mesh fence, you will have to choose between woven and welded panels. Welded panels are fabricated using horizontal and vertical wires which are welded at the points of connection. This design is favourable because it is easier to manufacture and consequently, cheaper. This fence is strong and secure, and it will provide valuable protection rodents and wild animals. However, high mechanical impact can cause breakage of the joints. Woven mesh is designed in a similar way, but the connection points between the wires are constructed using a wire knot. This is a strong choice because the joints are not prone to breakage. Moreover, if this fence is damaged, repair can be easily carried out without special equipment.

Mesh Openings

The size of the mesh openings can vary widely, so this is an important factor to evaluate before purchase. The right choice will depend on your protection requirements and your project budget. A fence mesh with smaller openings is the most ideal choice. It is harder to cut through, stretch or break, so it will provide better protection. Moreover, smaller rodents will not be able to enter your property and your pets will be confined within your home. Unfortunately, this type uses more wire in its construction, so the cost of purchase will be higher.

Anti-Access Features

When choosing your mesh fence, it is important to consider incorporating other security features. In simple terms, a good fencing product should be compatible with other anti-access structures to improve its efficiency. For example, you should ensure that the fence will work well with barbed wire in terms of aesthetics and even functionality. In addition, it is important to inquire about installing some electrical wires at the top of the fencing to deter people who might choose to climb over it.

Finally, you should select strong supporting posts that will resist damage from mechanical impact. If these are feeble, the integrity of the whole fencing structure will be compromised.

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