Create Your Own Work Space At Home Using A Humble Garden Shed

1 March 2016
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


For many Australian parents, running a business from home is an increasingly popular way to make a living. This type of business offers flexibility in work hours and allows you to meet the needs of your family in a way that a traditional job may not. It's also a good way to minimise the business overheads that are necessary when running your business from another location.

Working from home does present its own problems, especially if you don't have a dedicated space to work in. You may find yourself distracted by household chores, which can mean that your business can become neglected. The simple solution is to create a home office in your garden by modifying a humble garden shed. While it is possible to build a more standard structure, there are several good reasons why a shed may be the superior option.

Sheds are inexpensive

Garden sheds are inexpensive because they can be bought directly from a manufacturer who builds them on an industrial (and therefore very cost effective) scale. They are also pre-fabricated, which means that labour costs for construction and installation are minimal. Most sheds are easy to install and can be put together easily by even the most inexperienced handyperson.

Sheds offer flexibility

Sheds come in a huge range of sizes, so you can be assured that you will find one that gives you the optimum amount of space. If you buy directly from the manufacturer, you can also have your shed custom built to ensure that you have adequate doors and windows for natural light, airflow, and access. Sheds can also be easily relocated to another area of your garden if required and can even be moved to a new location if you move home.

Sheds are hassle free

Unlike a more traditional and permanent structure, sheds are not subject to a convoluted and time-consuming building approval process. As long as your shed complies with your local council's boundary requirements, then getting a permit is generally a simple and fast process. Depending on the size of your shed it may not even require a permit at all. Your local council website will be able to provide you with the exact requirements for your area.

A shed is an excellent way to create a space from which your home business can be run. It offers the benefits of having a dedicated and separate space to work from while still allowing you to enjoy the benefits and flexibility that working from home affords you.