How to Select the Best Coating for Your Steel Water Tank

19 December 2016
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Do you own an old steel water tank whose service life you would like to extend by applying an exterior coating? Read on and discover some of the considerations you should make when selecting a coating product for that tank from the variety offered on the market. Curing Requirements Steel water tank coatings usually have different curing requirements once they are applied. For instance, polyurethane coatings cure much faster than epoxy coatings do. Read More 

Pool Fencing: Various Materials You Could Choose

10 November 2016
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With an overwhelming demand for pool fencing over the years as more and more homeowners construct swimming pools on their property, you will find that you now have a wide assortment of materials that you could choose from. It is crucial to consider the options available to you as your choice of materials will not only dictate the longevity of your pool fencing, but it will also determine the amount of maintenance that would be required to keep the fencing in good condition. Read More 

Why Embroidery Digitising Would Benefit Your Business

7 October 2016
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In this modern age, it would be quite strange to own a company and not have your company logo digitised on items that your customers can use. Advancements in technology have made it possible for logo designs to be created on different types of fabrics and materials in the shortest time possible. This process is also known as logo digitising.  So what does this process entail? Embroidery digitising involves having the logo of your company converted into a digital embroidery pattern. Read More 

Tips on How to Maintain the Value of Your Exterior PVC Doors

25 August 2016
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Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is becoming a popular exterior door material for most homeowners. The material is extremely durable and has appealing properties such as insulation, soundproofing, and resistance to corrosion, all of which can increase the value and functionality of your exterior doors. However, like any other material, PVC requires proper care to maintain its value and appearance, and extend its usable life. The appearance of your exterior doors says a lot about your property; therefore, if the doors look shabby and worn, they can degrade the value of your home. Read More 

Looking For the Perfect Finish for Your Sheet Metal Components? Here Are 3 Options to Think Of

5 July 2016
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The type of coating used on your sheet metal components can determine how suitable these components are to your needs. This is because there are various types of finishes or coatings used and each of one of them has its own pros and cons. Therefore, if you are undecided on which one you think is the best, here are 3 types of coatings you may want to look at. Powder Coating Read More